Algorithmic Processing

Built-in algorithmic capabilities augment the human user’s ability to make sense of large-scale stakeholder data by automatically identifying interesting clusters of data to queue up for analysts to review.
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Network Visualization.

The Graph application provides a way to visually explore the relationships between Stakeholders. Objects are represented visually as networks of nodes and edges.

Filtering tools allow users to drill down on influential stakeholders. The Graph application includes a timeline for visualizing the sequencing of events. An integrated pie chart helps with selection and filtering of stakeholders that have similar profiles.

 Influence Analysis.

The influence application provides a way to visualize the interactions with stakeholders. Your organization is placed at the center of the canvas and then stakeholders are placed in concentric rings around it.

The strongest stakeholders in terms of volume of interactions would be in the innermost ring. Those in the outermost ring would be the stakeholders with whom the focal organization has the weakest relationships in terms of volume of interactions.

Combining Analysis for Better Prioritization.

Easy-to-use reporting and an intuitive dashboard view make it easy to understand the correlation between your engagement activities and the the network of influence of your stakeholders. StakeWare offers actionable advice on how to best engage with most influential stakeholders.

Flexible Modeling

Understand how stakeholders are tied to one another through socially meaningful relations. Analyze for structural patterns that emerge among these actors to figure out how they are positioned within a network, so that you can identify the most influential stakeholders.

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