Filter The Signal From The Noise

StakeWare on imacs 2

Connect the Dots.

Our leading strategies bring deep knowledge along with the experience and methods to structure effective corporate and business unit strategies for data orchestration. We create the context for executive teams to explore many views, closely examine their choices, and get the highest quality data possible.


Surface The Totality of Known Data About an Emerging Issue.

Emerging issues matter because they can constitute those surprises that catch organizations off guard: the threats and opportunities that distinguish between forward-looking organizations and those unaware of the issues that may affect them most. We work with all appropriate departments to integrate their knowledge  so that decision-makers can get a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the key corporate issues.


Bridge the Trust Gap.

Keep pace with rapid change by securing alignment between organizational activities and stakeholder expectations. Understand your stakeholders as well as you understand your customers with in-depth profiling of their expectations and their impact on your Company. Correlate that information with your level of interaction to understand the effectiveness of your engagement.


Global Business Intelligence.

StakeWare provides real-time visibility across your entire enterprise, enabling unprecedented access to stakeholder, CSR and ESG data worldwide. It provides multiple levels of consolidated reporting and enterprise-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), displayed in real time on dashboards.