Build and Protect the Trust of your Stakeholders

Stakeholder trust can be a significant competitive advantage for organizations. By understanding what influences and drives stakeholder trust, firms can identify risks, focus their strategies for maximum benefit, and develop initiatives to help them weather erosions of trust.

Engage Smarter with Best-In-Class Analytic Solution

Foster trusted stakeholder relationships based on data. StakeWare prescriptive platform gives you insights you can act on – and advice to help you prioritize your next move. Know which stakeholders are highly engaged, identify risks and opportunities, and use data points to make better decisions. StakeWare provides stakeholder risk management solutions built on the Salesforce1 platform.

The cloud infrastructure beneath StakeWare has been fine-tuned over the past 15 years, and powers over 100,000 businesses and over 2+ million users daily. What this means to you, is you only have to pay a subscription to access the software using a web browser. You get a reliable, fast and secure platform without having to purchase any hardware or software.

StakeWare is built on top of the trusted architecture of with enterprise-level control and integrated identity features, including:

  • Ease point and click administration
  • Scalable Global architecture
  • Reporting
  • Top tier security
  • Proven reliability: has had a proven 99.9% uptime record for many years.
  • Proven real-time scalability: is used by many of the world’s largest enterprises.
  • Disaster recovery: runs on three geographically dispersed, mirrored data centers with built-in replication, disaster recovery, a redundant network backbone, and no single points of.

Stakeholder Relationship Management

“The Success of A Business Depends on Its Relationships to The External World. ”


Effective external engagement relies on a detailed knowledge of the preferences and resources of stakeholders. That means learning, on an individual and institutional level, what they want, when they want it, how much they are prepared to compromise, how your activities affect their goals, and what resources and influence they can bring to bear.

Companies can gain such a detailed understanding only through a rigorous and exhaustive process, including personal conversations with stakeholders, expert analysis (from external sources where necessary), and specialist monitoring of the Internet and social media.

Issue Intelligence

Information is everywhere. The volume, velocity, and variety  has grown exponentially. As a result, it’s harder than ever to control the stories that people are telling about you, your products, and the big issues connected to your organization. It’s also vastly more difficult to understand how to maneuver.

So how do you filter the signal from the noise –and use it to your advantage?

The data explosion isn’t a net negative. In fact, the torrent of information gives you an unprecedented opportunity to get intimate with the underlying beliefs that govern your market, stakeholders, and supply chain. Because now more than ever, you can get a bead on what people are saying and thinking—at scale—if only you can make sense of it. Once you do, you can use that insight to wrest control and maneuver successfully. The key is to have an effective process in place to manage emerging issues.


Sustainability Performance Management


Data-driven sustainability techniques to achieve operational excellence.

As companies face increasing stakeholder demands to be more transparent and purposely improve their environmental and social performance, CSR is moving from being a box that enterprises check off with their sustainability reports to part of core business activities that have a direct impact on business performance.

With our sustainability performance management software, you not only automate data collection for credible reporting, but also improve business performance by cascading strategic goals and providing insights across the organization. The result? Sustainability becomes a business driver, not just a stand-alone reporting effort.


Smart Philanthropy

Today, companies want to measure value and accomplishment, not based on corporate resources provided, but by actual outcomes achieved. They want to use corporate philanthropy initiatives more strategically to improve their brand, and to improve their competitive advantage. Corporate philanthropy has moved beyond grant-making. It is now regarded as an essential business practice that is in the best interest of shareholders and stakeholders alike, and it is often included as a part of a company’s mission and business practices.

Stakeware’s corporate philanthropy module provides all the essential features for managing, tracking, and approving grants, donors, prospects, while managing gifts, pledges and payments. But more importantly Stakeware’s software helps you to improve your competitive advantage by giving you the tools to be more strategic. By capturing, mapping and visualizing qualitative data, you will have a more complete or holistic view of your corporate philanthropy initiatives.