Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis

Systematically gather and analyze qualitative information to determine whose interests should be taken into account when developing your engagement strategy.

Identify Stakeholders.

Establish a methodology for systematically identifying stakeholder groups that can contribute to achieving the purpose of the engagement and/or could be affected by its outcome.

Define who and what really counts

Establish a process of identification by developing a typology of stakeholders, concerning their salience to your company by mapping the three relationship attributes of power, legitimacy, and urgency.

Personalize the mapping experience.

Generate maps using any type of criteria to characterise the stakeholders. Use several maps to gain better insight. For example, you may wish to map level of influence against willingness to engage, type of stakeholder against level of influence, or capacity to engage and knowledge of issues against expectations.

Determine engagement level(s) and method(s).

Engagement may take place at more than one level. You may choose to engage with the stakeholders in one segment of the stakeholder map at one level and with stakeholders in another segment of the stakeholder map at another. Document how the level of engagement changes over time as relationships deepen and mature.

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