In-depth Stakeholder Profile.

Understand  on an individual and institutional level, what your stakeholders want and how much they are prepared to compromise, how your activities affect their goals, and what resources and influence they can bring to bear.

Create custom stakeholder profiles that are aligned with your strategic objectives.

Get a clear understanding of who the relevant stakeholders are and how and why they may want to engage with your organizations. Custom profiles enable you to design stakeholder engagement processes that work in alignment with your goals.

Measure and model the key variables of your social license to operate.

Build trust with local communities by establishing high-quality engagements that target your most critical stakeholders. Understand how various issues can disrupt your supply chain or impact your social and legal license to operate.

Map the networks of influence.

Document the relationships between stakeholders using customized attributes so that you can visualize patterns and identify the most influential stakeholders on any given network.

Develop specific stakeholder profiles for each one of your projects.

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