Engagement Performance Management.

Manage engagement performance with StakeWare through better  team alignment. Improve consistency and effectiveness as you work within StakeWare.

Establish indicators.

Crete qualitative or quantitative indicators to measure and evaluate the progress towards achieving quality stakeholder engagement. Use metrics to  identify areas for improvements and to demonstrate impacts for the organization as well as the stakeholders involved in the engagement process.

Motivate using results driven metrics.

Motivate your engagement team directly within StakeWare. Use coaching to help more community liaison officers achieve their goals every month. And recognize your top performers publicly, showcasing what they’re doing to be proactive with their stakeholders.

Tie goals directly to Stakeware data.

Having all your engagement data inside StakeWare allows you to create goals that are tied directly to StakeWare reports. This makes it easy to track and measure progress as you move through the month, quarter, and year.

Simplify performance summaries with drag -and-drop actions.

Focus on engaging, not paperwork. You can easily evaluate performance of your people whenever they choose — after completing a month, quarter, project, or goal.

Get started with a free trial.

The best way to get to know StakeWare SRM is to get your hands on the actual product. The free trial also comes with unlimited access to our StakeWare Community, a group of engagement thought leaders sharing ideas about stakeholder engagement for CSR managers.